The Best Florida Weekend Getaways for Couples


Where To Go For A Romantic Weekend In Florida

A Florida weekend getaway is the best way to relax and soak up some sun with your loved one. If you’ve been to all of the major spots in Florida and are planning romantic getaways in the south with a twist, you’re in luck. Florida is home to plenty of fun and funky towns well worth exploring.

Largely hidden from tourists, these are spots that locals have fallen in love with and made their own, creating a vibe you’ll have a hard time finding in places like Orlando, Tampa, or Miami. Use these ideas to help you plan the perfect Florida weekend getaway with a funky twist! 

beach signs and shell on beach

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The Best Florida Towns For A Weekend Getaways for Couples

We all know that the stress of life can get to us. When that happens, it’s time for a weekend getaway with your partner. Reconnect with each other as you explore Florida and all the choices for a Florida weekend getaway for two. Weekend getaways in Florida are plentiful.

Taste one of the pineapple-inspired dishes that pop up on restaurant menus during the festival, or sign up for the Pineapple Eating Contest and see just how much you can eat.

If you’ve been to all of the major spots in Florida and are planning romantic getaways in the south with a twist, you’re in luck. Florida is home to plenty of fun and funky towns well worth exploring.

Restaurants to check out: 

There are plenty of great eats in Jensen Beach! Check out some of these great choices while you are in town!

  • Lures Riverfront Restaurant | Riverfront views with amazing seafood and other American comfort foods.
  • 11 Maple Street | Elevated American cuisine and seafood in a nice, more upscale setting!
  • Conchy Joes | The creators of Conchy Joe’s were “pioneers in promoting Bahamian recipes and resources…”, so said Robert W. Tolf, Florida Trend Magazine’s restaurant reviewer and noted author, in describing Conchy Joe’s Seafood Restaurant. Read more about Conchy Joe’s.
  • Jan’s Place | Breakfast and lunch food, size-able portions, amazing reviews!

Hotel and lodging ideas: 

There’s something for every budget and something for everyone who is looking for oceanfront views, spas, and even something more quaint and quiet!

Weekend Getaway to Florida- New Smyrna Beach

This charming beach town is a great place to rest, relax, and enjoy life at the beach for your weekend getaway in Florida. The laid-back surf town vibe you’ll find here makes it the perfect spot for anyone looking to slow down and take it easy.

Rent bikes and cruise along the beach, take a river tour, or stroll through Canal Street Historic District. This area of downtown is perfect for pedestrians and is filled with fun independent shops, quirky art galleries, and lots of different dining options.

the beach with water and blue skies

Restaurants to check out: 

When you take your weekend getaway to Florida you’ll need somewhere to eat, right?! Here are some great choices for when you are in New Smyrna Beach!

Hotel and lodging ideas: 

Looking for a place to stay when you are in town for your romantic getaways in the south? Here are some places to check out for lodging in New Smyrna Beach.

Florida Weekend Getaway to DeLand

You’ll find DeLand directly west of New Smyrna Beach, roughly a half hour’s drive from the ocean. Home to a small but lively downtown, a handful of interesting local museums, the old-school Athens Theater, and the Stetson Mansion, it’s a spot unlike most others in the state. DeLand makes an ideal Florida weekend getaway for couples and families alike.

a weekend in Deland for a Florida weekend getaway

You can stroll among the oaks and admire the architecture of Stetson University, the oldest college in Florida, or plan a trip to nearby De Leon Springs State Park, where you can start the day at the Old Spanish Sugar Mill. Inside this local favorite, you’ll find tables featuring griddles, which diners use to cook up their own pancakes.

Then, head outdoors to take a dip in the icy waters of the spring, or try to stay dry and explore the area by canoe. For military history buffs, a must-see stop is the DeLand Naval Air Station Museum. This small museum is jam-packed with some of the best Naval aviation memorabilia we’ve visited! The museum is focused on World War II aviation history, and they have several restored aircraft that will take your breath away!

Restaurants to check out: 

On your trip to DeLand you’ll want to check out these awesome restaurants! These choices will make your trip fun and tasty!

  • DeLand’s Fish House | Seafood in a casual setting that everyone will love!
  • BakeChop | This is a great restaurant for those of you looking for local flavors. Locally sourced ingredients and house-baked treats!
  • Santorini Greek Cuisine | You don’t have to go to Greece to get some great Greek classics in a cozy setting. Other great dinner staples as well.
  • Dobro’s Restaurant | This is a great low key place serving up classic Italian fare and Chicago deep dish!

Hotel and lodging ideas: 

When you visit DeLand on your romantic Florida getaway you are going to need a place to stay. Here are some great choices in DeLand for hotels and other lodging options!

Florida Weekend Getaway to Tarpon Springs

For something a little different, check out Tarpon Springs. This little town is considered the sponge capital of the world, and it’s been home to one of the state’s largest Greek populations for years, giving it a flair you won’t find anywhere else in the state.

sponge diver statue in Tarpon springs. A great place to visit for a Florida weekend getaway

While you’re here, indulge in some Greek cuisine, check out the Greek Village at the Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks, and experience the area’s natural beauty with a sightseeing cruise.

You’ll also want to spend some time exploring the downtown area, which is home to plenty of bars, restaurants, antique shops, galleries, souvenir stores, and other spots worth exploring.

picture of a seashell on the beach in the water

Restaurants to check out: 

You can’t do better than these awesome restaurants in the Tarpon Springs area. During your romantic getaway in Florida check out these great choices for food!

  • Rusty Bellies Waterfront Grill | If you need some seafood while you are in the Tarpon Springs area you’ll want to make a trip to Rusty Bellies
  • Yankee Bean | Seasonal ingredients made into amazing soups, salads, and other light fare.
  • Dimitri’s On The Water | Another great option for Greek and American cuisine!
  • Hellas Bakery | Not only can you get great eats here you can also get some delicious baked goods. Sweets are what it’s all about, right?

Hotel and lodging ideas: 

After you’ve explored and eaten your fill you’ll need a cozy bed for the night. Here are some great lodging options in the Tarpon Springs area.

Florida Weekend Getaway To Sarasota

A Florida weekend getaway to Sarasota is a great way to indulge beautiful beaches, art, good eats, and lovely hotels. Sarasota, Florida is located about an hour south of Tampa and his home to The Ringling Museum and Van Wezel Performing Arts Center. If you love art, I highly recommend a visit to this historic museum. Their collection is updated frequently, with new exhibits every month, as well as having their classics always available.

the ringling museum in sarasota florida

Currently, the Van Wezel is not allowing visitors into their theatre, however they are streaming performances. This way you can watch world renowned performers from the comfort and safety of your own home!

If you want to soak up some sun, don’t miss out on the amazing beaches Sarasota has to offer. Siesta Key has been named the best in the nation on more than one occasion. The powdery white sand feels like a spa day for your feet and the blue, clear water will wash your troubles away.

Fun Fact: the sand on Siesta Key is made of crushed quart instead of shells, making it extremely fine, white and glittery!

downtown sarasota, florida. A great town to spend a florida weekend getaway

Head to downtown Sarasota where you will find interesting architecture, art sculptures on the bay, and great restaurants where you can dine outdoors.

Restaurants To Check Out

You will find a variety of great restaurants in Sarasota, Florida. From seafood, to BBQ and eclectic local fare there is something for everyone to enjoy! All of these have outdoor seating available. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Indigenous. Well known for their seafood and sustainably sourced ingredients. Their menu changes frequently as the chef comes up with new and creative dishes to share with their guests.
  • Melange. This restaurant focuses on small eclectic dishes with locally sourced ingredients. If you like non-traditional food pairings and incredible drinks, this one is for you.
  • FushiPoke. If you love poke bowls, then check out this awesome casual restaurant. Their fish is extremely fresh and their toppings really elevate the bowls.
  • C’est La Vie. A lovely French café that serves the best sweet and savory crepes!
  • Bricks’s Smoked Meats. This is a great option for those of us who love anything smoked. They serve brisket, ribs, pulled pork and smoked sausage, as well as some tasty southern sides!

Hotel and Lodging Ideas

There is a lot to choose from when deciding where to stay in Sarasota. Here are some of my recommendations:

Your best Florida weekend getaway is yet to come! From small cities that celebrate Florida’s rich history to spots known for their local specialties, like sponges and pineapples, there are lots of great spots in Florida to visit if you’re looking for something other than the typical tourist experience. These fun and funky destinations offer a taste of something a little different – something you won’t find anywhere else.

Don’t forget your travel insurance! We’ve learned the hard way that even if you are traveling domestically, travel insurance is a must! Our favorite travel insurance is World Nomads because of their coverage and what they offer travelers.

Did your favorite Florida weekend getaway spot make the list? If it didn’t leave a comment and let me know where you’d recommend!

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