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Packing Tips for Packing Efficiently & Effectively for Two Weeks

Do you love to travel but hate the thought of packing? The struggle is real, but these packing tips will help you tame the beast of packing in no time and you'll be on your way!

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I used to, in my former life, overpack. Always. I was the girl who took two suitcases for a weekend away. And I never wore half of what I had packed. Ever. Figuring out what is essential to pack in your carryon is the first thing to focus on. 

And then, I was forced to downsize – I mean really downsize. As in we sold our big, beautiful house – all 3500+ square feet of house, and moved onto our 47-foot sailboat. And I had boatloads (no pun intended!) of clothes. Some I had never worn.

So I learned quickly the joy of downsizing and simplicity. And once I embraced this new, simplified downsized lifestyle, I fell in love with it. 

So much so that the girl who used to pack two suitcases for a weekend away, is gone and is replaced by a gal who lives by packing tips and lists and is always ready to hit the road for an adventure! Don't forget to use packing cubes whenever you pack – these are lifesavers!

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So grab a cup of coffee and I'll share my packing tips and secrets!

Packing Tips

Packing for Warm, Tropical Climates

For a two week trip to a warm climate, like Mexico,  I typically pack 4 short dresses, 1 or 2 maxi dresses, 2 pair of capris, 2 pair of shorts or skorts, 2 lightweight tunic tops, 3 t-shirts, 2 bathing suits, a large scarf that can double as a shawl and a sarong to cover my bathing suit and a jacket or sweater I can wear on the plane if it is chilly. Shoes are easy – a dressy pair of sandals (if needed), as well as a pair of day-to-night sandals, and light-weight tennis shoes, with socks tucked in.

When I pack my accessories, I carry a large tote bag that can double as a beach bag, and toss in a small cross-body purse that doubles as a wallet, a pair of sunglasses, my reading glasses, a statement necklace, 2 cuff bracelets and 2 pair of earrings along with my cosmetics.

If you are planning a trip to Disney, you will want to include these essentials: portable battery charger, your magic bands, a backpack for navigating the parks, and sunscreen and a hat.

If you are looking for other updates and tips about traveling to Disney World during this time, check out everything you need to know here.

Packing for Cold Winter Climates

For a trip to a colder climate, I typically pack 4 pairs of leggings, 2 medium weight tunic tops, 1 medium weight longer length jacket to layer, 3 tank tops, 2 sweaters, and three pairs of jeans (I wear one pair on the plane). For shoes, flat, comfortable, knee-high boots in suede that can be folded in thirds and packed on the bottom of your suitcase (along with 2 pair of knee-high hosiery socks tucked in the folds), light-weight tennis shoes and a pair of neutral-colored flats that I wear on the plane, along with an all-weather lined raincoat.

My accessories remain the same as for warm weather climates and are placed in a large tote bag along with my cosmetics,  and a cross-body purse.

Packing Tips During COVID-19 Travel

Traveling looks very different this year. Covid has made traveling a bit more complicated this and has definitely added some extra items to our packing list. I travel with these essentials at all times whether I'm driving or flying! Take a peek at these handy items below:

  • Face Mask. Face masks are essential during these times and mandatory for flights. Pick out a couple that go with most of your outfits and use it as a stylish accessory when you go out. Plus, having a cute face mask for kids makes it more likely that they will keep them on! Tip: practice wearing a mask with your toddler before you leave on your trip.

  • Hand Sanitizer. As a frequent traveler, I've always had hand sanitizer in my bag, but its especially handy now. I like the ones that easily clip onto a carry on or backpack for easy access!

  • Wet Wipes. When it comes to flying, wet wipes are great to sanitize arm rests or even clean your hands before and after having a snack. These are great for road trips and rest stop visits, as well. If you are in high traffic areas, these definitely come in handy.

  • Hand Cream. This item is easily forgotten, but one I can't live without! With all this frequent hand washing and sanitizing my hands quickly get dried out. I pack a travel size hand lotion in my cosmetics bag so I can easily reach it while traveling.

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Top Packing Tips & Secrets

Step #1

  • I begin my packing by reviewing where we are going. Is it going to be warm? Is it going to be cold? Or will it be warm during the day and chilly at night? Once I have done a weather check, then I can begin the process of choosing my clothing. I usually lay ALL of the possibilities out on the bed.

Step #2

  • Step two is to decide on a color “theme” to ensure I will not overpack. If I am confident that I will be traveling for less than 5 hours I can choose clothes that may wrinkle, but don't have time to let those wrinkles “set in” (I hate to iron, and I refuse to iron on vacation!).

Step #3

  • The third step is to begin to put outfits together for each day, or each activity. After this step, I usually have only decided to take about half of what I originally pulled out of my closet. So I now put away those clothes that I have decided NOT to take.
  • Then, the rest is fairly easy. I gather my undergarments together and add them to the stack of items to be packed. Then, I gather a swimsuit or three (depending on the locale and mode of transportation) and add these to the stack to be packed.
  • And finally, it's time for footwear. I always take a pair of light-weight tennis shoes for fitness and walking/hiking. If the occasion calls for dressier clothes I will also take a pair of dressy flat sandals. If not, I will put in a pair of walking sandals and a pair of sandals that can be worn day to night.

Step #4

  • Step four is the actual packing stage. To even out the bottom of the suitcase, shoes are wrapped in grocery bags (you can later reuse these for dirty laundry, or damp swimsuits). Then it is on to pants, shorts, and skorts. These are laid out, and then rolled, bottom to top. Roll your pants and put into my suitcase. Next, are dresses. They are rolled and put into the suitcase (placed next to and on top of the previous layer). Following the dresses are tops; rolled and placed on top of dresses. On top of the dresses (unless your suitcase has a zippered compartment) place your undergarments (and bathing suit). If you have dress clothing – suits, fancy dresses, etc, place these in an old dry-cleaning bag (or garbage bag) and place on top.
  • Cosmetics are all travel size. I place a small square of saran wrap over my bottles and then cap the bottles to prevent spills. Then, all of my liquids are placed in a quart size bag for TSA. When cleared through TSA, the bag will be tossed in my tote bag. All of my makeup is in powder form, so no need to separate it for TSA.

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There you have it – the top packing tips that keep me on track and organized when traveling! For the travel gear that we use and packing resources, click here.

Which of these packing tips, tricks and essentials did you find most helpful? Do you have any need-to-know packing tips you'd like to share? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!


  1. Great post & exactly what I need to help me prepare for an upcoming trip to St. Augustine.

    • So glad it helped!

      • It’s like you’re on a misoisn to save me time and money!

        • Absolutely! I love time savers and packing is one of my passions – along with travel!

  2. Thanks for the tips!Having ADHD my suitcases seem to keep increasing in numbers as I banter back and forth about what & how to pack only to succumb to “take ALL of it” out of frustration!

    • You know I can relate to this! It was out of necessity that I learned to leave stuff behind. But now, I don’t think twice. If it doesn’t fit in the carryon it does not go. Exceptions of course for longer trips, or cold weather trips, but carryon only is my norm.

    • I like this post. Your ideas are useful to make a trip easier. These tips are really helpful for travelers. Thank you so much for sharing these useful ideas here.

  3. Great article.
    Would love it if you made your packing lists printable!

    • Hi! Thanks for your feedback! That is actually a great idea, and I will begin working on that, and making the list into a printable. Thanks for the suggestion – I appreciate you!

  4. You mentioned how packing cubes are essential. But you never mentioned using them or how you, in particular, use them.

    I, as well as a lot of people, have health issues requiring quite a few medications and supplements each day. For my daily medications, I use little baggies like for beading supplies. I mark them am or pm. For OTC items I use a daily pill sorter and mark the slots. I use one of those also for jewelry.

    • So funny you asked! I use packing cubes for lots of things. I pack my lingerie in them, cosmetics, masks (our new normal!), medicines, socks, shoes (flats, sandals, & flip flops). For jewelry, I have a small craft box with slots that I slide into my backpack.



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