Best Packing List for Beach Vacation


Your beach vacation packing list is ready for you! One of the best parts about summer is that it's a time for vacations. Whether you're looking to get away from your stress with some R&R, take a family trip, or just need some time off from work, there are plenty of amazing spots to visit this season.

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But if you're not sure where to go and what to add to your packing list for your beach vacation, then let me help! I'm going to show you what to pack for your trip so that no matter which beach you end up at, you will always be prepared.

Packing Vacation Beach Clothes

It's important to always pack the right clothing for a vacation so that you can be comfortable no matter what time of year it is where you're going. In order to prepare for your upcoming beach trip, I'd first recommend packing some shorts and a tee-shirt or tank top in case it's an overcast day on the beach. It's also a good idea to pack hats and sunglasses to protect your eyes and skin from sun.

Woman with medium length hair and dark glasses, wearing a grey cover cashmere coverup with jeans while walking on the beach with her male partner wearing a checkered shirt and rolled sleeves making the perfect sunset evening attire to add to your packing list for beach vacation

Don't forget to pack a light weight wind breaker and sweatshirt for those cooler times of day. It makes your sunrise and sunset walks on the beach that much nicer.

Beach Food: What Food & Drinks Should You Pack

Next, I'd recommend packing some snacks for the road trip so that you don't get hangry on the way to the beach. It's always smart to pack some granola bars, crackers and a few bottles of water as well since you never know when you'll need them!

Beach Games: What Beach Activities To Add To Your Vacation List For Down Time

If you're traveling with friends or family members that enjoy having fun like me, then I'd recommend packing a deck of cards, checkers, chess, a football or even a beach volleyball. Don't forget your favorite fur baby. Pack a few balls to toss back and forth to make the day fun for everyone!

Yellow fur baby playing with green ball and owner on the beach by the shore. The prefect game and toy to add to your Packing List for Beach Vacation

Swimwear Essentials: Your Packing List Isn't Complete Without These

Last but not least, your packing list needs aren't complete without your swimsuit essentials! You'll want to pack different swimsuits for your beach vacation.

It's always important to remember which pieces are best depending on where you're going. Don't be afraid to get creative and pack something fun like a Hawaiian bikini or checkered flag swim trunks. Now that all of your clothing is packed for the journey, it's time to grab all of your other belongings too!

Beach Accessories: Packing List Must Haves

Your packing list is never complete without your beach accessories! Your beach bag is never complete without sunglasses, quick-drying towels and a water-proof bag filled with sunscreens. Don't forget tanning lotions and any other beauty products that you might need while on vacation.

Your sunglasses will also come in handy for seeing your surroundings when the weather isn't sunny too. Take a peak into the water with your polarized sunglasses and be amazed at how much more ocean life you can see!

Personal Hygiene Products: Packing List Beach Hacks

Last of all, I always recommend packing some toiletries that make it easy to take care of yourself any day of the week. From deodorant, razors and toothpaste to facial cleansers and grooming kits, these items are perfect for keeping you clean!

Don't forget your lip balm with SPF either, the beach breeze and sun does a lot of damage to your lips if they are not protected. Having these extra hygiene products on your packing list will not only protect your skin, but they will also keep you looking on point in between beach hopping and dining.

tan suitcase with brown handles in the back, a brush and comb laying on bed, lipstick, lotions, see-thru zip container for personal hygiene products from the Packing List for Beach Vacation.

Your beach vacation packing list is officially complete! I hope you have a blast with the rest of your summer and remember to keep calm, relax and enjoy life!

Our Top Packing List & Tips For Your Next Beach Vacation

1. Pack a few of your favorite books

2. Make sure you have mosquito repellent, sunscreen, and lip balm with SPF

3. Bring sandals for walking on the beach or poolside

4. Bring flip-flops that match your bathing suit in case you want to change into them while at the beach 

5. Take pictures of anything important (passport, credit cards) to make it easier if they get lost or stolen 

6. Pack a beach towel 

7. Pack sunscreen 

8. Bring your own beverages and snacks in a cooler to avoid paying high prices at the resort or grocery store 

9. Wear bathing suits under your clothes so you don't have to pack them. Also, bring extra clothes just in case you get wet or if you're going into town. 

10. Bring an inflatable raft and/or water shoes for exploring around the shoreline and shallow water areas with kids

Blue skies, clear water with green mountain in the background and relaxed woman floating on her raft with purple bikini that she brought from her Packing List for Beach Vacation

11. Pack an extra set of clothes in case there's a spill or something gets left behind at home

12. SPF Shirt and Wide brimmed hat

13. Waterproof bag with all of your essentials (phone charger, wipes, hand sanitizer, camera) 

14. Camera! You'll want to take plenty of pictures during your trip for memories later on down the road

You're all set for your beach vacation! Having a good packing list is the best way to ensure you have everything needed for your beach vacation.

We’ve made your life easier by providing some of our favorite items and tips in this article. If you want some inspiration before heading out on your own adventure, be sure to check out our Ultimate Beach Day Guide! It has all sorts of ideas that are perfect for any beach destination.

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We hope these help get you ready for your next adventure by the water! Enjoy every minute!

Which beach vacation essentials do you usually bring along with you? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!


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Best Packing List For Beach Vacations