Packing Tips for the Perfect Weekend Getaway

by | Sep 7, 2016

Do you struggle with the “how much do I need to pack?” malady? Sadly, it is something that a lot of us struggle with. You are so excited to be going on vacation until the dreaded time to pack and leave the house arrives. What if you never had to dread packing again? Wouldn’t that be fantastic? Here are a few packing tips to help ease the pain.

Packing Tips

Essentials to Include:

  • White or black tee:  Paired with the right items it can take you from a day of sightseeing to dinner at a five-star restaurant.
White tee & boyfriend jeans are great for a weekend getaway! packing-tips-for…-weekend-getaway/ ‎E
A perfect combination! White tee and boyfriend jeans!
  • Boyfriend jeans:  They are much more comfortable to travel in. Imagine wearing your fashionable skinny jeans on a 16-hour flight. When you arrive at your destination, they will feel uncomfortably tight,  and your jeans will be a wrinkled mess! Boyfriend jeans have a much more comfortable fit, allowing for ease of movement on long flights or car rides. You can roll the cuff up or down, creating a new look.
Boyfriend Jeans - a must for your weekend getaway packing-tips-for…-weekend-getaway/ ‎
Boyfriend Jeans are the perfect traveling companion!
  • Statement belt: An indispensable item for any traveler’s wardrobe, a statement belt can dress up even the plainest outfit.
  • A pair of flats or sandals: These can be neutral or colorful, which add a pop of color to your outfit. If You will probably be doing a lot of walking, so comfort is crucial. Having a blister crop up from wearing those super cute (but uncomfortable) shoes can put a damper on your vacation plans!
Comfortable flats for a weekend getaway packing-tips-for…-weekend-getaway/ ‎
Comfortable flat shoes – a necessity for any weekend getaway!
  • Wide-brimmed hat: Protect your face from the sun’s harmful rays and give your outfit a whimsical touch.
  • Neutral pumps: Worn with boyfriend jeans, a classic white tee, statement belt and jacket you are ready to hit the town!
  • Classic sheath dress in black or white: Pair with neutral pumps to show off those gams! When you pair the classic sheath with flats, you can tour the town and take in lunch with your pals.
Dress the perfect sheath up or down packing-tips-for…-weekend-getaway/ ‎packing-tips-for…-weekend-getaway/ ‎
A sheath dress is perfect for noshing with the gals!
  • Cardigan/Blazer / Jean Jacket: Use to create a funky twist to the classic sheath, pair with a tee and boyfriend jeans for a casual, fun look.
  • Small crossbody purse: You can toss it into your larger bag with your travel essentials – camera, phone. Carry it when you don’t need a bigger bag. I like a crossbody to deter theft as much as possible.

    How to Pack Your Bag

    Remember, all items you bring should be mix and match – this gives you endless options and allows you to get dressed quickly. Knowing that your outfits are mix match cuts down on your dressing time. Less time deciding what to wear = more time to get out and explore!

    Steps to Pack Your Bag:

  • Tightly roll your pants and place on bottom of the suitcase.

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  • Tightly roll your tee’s, sweaters, pj’s, etc and place beside pants, making sure they are tight against one another to prevent wrinkling.
  • Fold jackets and place on top of rolled layer.
  • Tightly roll dresses and place on top of jackets.
  • Roll and tuck undergarments into the hat crown, and turn upside down on top of dresses.
  • Tuck phone chargers, battery chargers, and sunglasses into your shoes and tuck them into the sides of the suitcase.
  • Place jewelry in small bags and tuck into the corners of your suitcase. If it is valuable, always carry your jewelry in your purse or tote bag.Packing this way allows you to pack more in less space = winner!

Packing this way allows you to pack more in less space = winner!


I’d love to hear your packing hacks! Comment and let me know your favorite packing tip(s)!

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Weekend Getaway Packing Tips packing-tips-for…-weekend-getaway/ ‎
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  1. Great tips! It took me years to learn to only pack what I really need,

  2. It’s amazing how little you actually need while traveling. I tend to overpack, but then wear my favorite things over and over again. You’d think I’d learn from that, but I always want to be prepared.

    • I am the chronic over-packer! Learning to be brutal though!

  3. Great tips! I’ll try them out the next time I travel.

  4. Nice post. I like to roll our clothes to make more space in our luggage too.

  5. Great suggestions! I like the idea about electronics. I also believe in neutrals and definitely flats!!! Thanks for all the tips.

  6. I hate packing and unpacking for vacation or any type of travel and comfort is a must! Grat tips and thanks for sharing!

    • Absolutely! Comfort and mix-match are my traveling mottos!

  7. Great ideas, Betsi. If I could only get Kelley to read it! She tells me, “I’m high maintenance, Mom.” Perhaps you can covert her when we meet up next week.

    • Ha ha! I can totally relate … I used to be high-maintenance…then we moved from a 3500sf house onto a 47′ sailboat. No room for what I call “fru fru”!


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