About Betsi

Betsi is the creator and editor of Betsi’s World. Married to her husband, Jim, for 30 years she’s always had a love of wanderlust, but hasn’t always had the funds to enjoy the travel lifestyle. This couple has lived on a shoestring budget, enabling them to retire in their mid-50s.

Today, they love smart luxury travel. They take multi-generational trips with their extended family - ages 1 year to 84 years young, and Betsi takes care of planning these fun for the whole bunch, multi-gen vacations, choosing locales ranging from the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and the US. They've stayed at all-inclusive resorts, taken cruises, and more.

Betsi & Jim often travel onboard their tiny house on the sea, Saltwater Gypsea, searching for the best beaches, tiki bars, food, and local culture.

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