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  1. Heber Simmons, Jr. says:

    Great story about one of God’s most beautiful places! We have visited there many times and always enjoy our time there. Two places that you did not mention which deserve special attention are Albury’s Sail Shop and Joe Albury’s shop. The Sail Shop makes great bags of all kinds that are unique to Man-O-War and Joe’s has all sorts of gifts including hand carved ship models by Joe himself. A truly industrious town filled with super people! Many thanks for sharing your photos of this magical place. Have a great day! Heber

    1. You are right, I did not include them. But I will in a follow up post about Abaco post Dorian. Expect that to be done later this summer. We love the Sail Shop – I have several bags that I love! Andy Albury also does spectacular wood carvings – we have a picture of an Abaco Rage and an Abaco Rage lamp. Love Joe’s as well. One of our favorite cays in all of the Bahamas!

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