How to Get Kicked Out of a Bahamian Marina in 6 Steps!

by | Jan 9, 2016

6 Ways to Get Kicked Out of a Marina in the Bahamas

How to Get Kicked Out of a Bahamian Marina in 6 Steps!
When heading to the Bahamas by boat, take into consideration local customs. Failure to do this could lead to being asked to leave. While visiting Green Turtle Cay, we were (unwilling) participants in this type of drama.

6 Ways to be Asked to Leave a Marina

Roaring into a nice quiet marina in the Bahamas with a boatload of friends on your speedboat is a great way to spend a weekend, right? Maybe not so much fun in this instance….

How to Get Kicked Out of a Bahamian Marina in 6 Steps!
How to Get Kicked out of a Bahamian Marina

+Drinking and partying are associated with the island life found throughout the Carribean. BUT when that drinking and partying are loud and obnoxious and interferes with other boaters enjoying an afternoon on their boat, it can lead to the marina staff and other boaters asking nicely to calm things down a bit.

+Ignoring the above, and ramping up your partying by having a female in your group partially undress and shake her boobs at other boaters can lead to a fellow boater asking that you refrain from undressing and partying in such a loud manner.

+Having said female actually taunt the fellow boater and then subsequently one of her male friends make indecent comments about your anatomy? That certainly gains the attention of the marina staff.

+Ramping up the partying even more, stripping off clothing and then jumping off the boat into water. Making lewd comments to the other boaters around you? This sends the marina staff down the dock again, with a warning to stop or you will be asked to leave.

+Arguing with the marina staff while completely undressed and now soaking wet? You are asked to leave the marina.

+Continuing to argue with the marina manager, and having one of the females in your group still parading around, shaking her boobs….well, that gets you, your group and your boat kicked out of that marina!

How to Get Kicked Out of a Bahamian Marina in 6 Steps!
How to get kicked out of a Marina in the Bahamas

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How to be Arrested in the Bahamas at a Marina

After being asked to leave the aforementioned marina, you and your guests all pile into your high speed power boat and put on just a bit of clothing and roar across the water and go the next marina, where you repeat the entire scenario outlined above.

Only this time, as you are completely naked and being really loud and disrespectful, two female Bahamian police officers happen to be driving by in a golf cart and witness the idiocy of the entire boatload of you cavorting and being loud and hurling insults at others – bare butt naked.

And the lot of you are hauled off to spend the night in a Bahamian jail.

No, we were not the ones hauled off to jail. But we were the ones in the boat next to this one, and unfortunately we had front row seats to the insults and the ensuing drama.

But, we were also the ones who learned this group had been hauled off to the jail, and so we had the last laugh, so to speak.

As visitors to other countries, it is important to respect their culture and way of life. When visiting a foreign country it is not ok to act like idiots – this leaves a sour taste for visitors with the locals, and ultimately affects all future travelers to that country.

Being mindful of the culture of the place you are visiting builds bridges with the locals and in the end enhances the travel experience of those who follow behind you.



  1. Betsi, while I read this I was thinking…..what kind of friends does Betsi have! Sorry it almost ruined your trip, but good points.

    • Ha ha! I know – this was one of those freak encounters. Frankly, the big take away is when you travel, whether you are visiting a country long term, like we do when we go to the Bahamas by boat, or you are visiting short term, there are things you don’t do. Case in point, the Bahamas tend to be a very conservative country, and so while it’s cool to wear your swimsuit in public, and bare your shoulders, wear short shorts, and such, it’s just not ok to “bare it all” for the world to see. Not only do we as visitors not want to see it, but it offends the locals. There is an interesting end to this story – and it does involve local police 🙂


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