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  1. Betsi, while I read this I was thinking…..what kind of friends does Betsi have! Sorry it almost ruined your trip, but good points.

    1. Ha ha! I know – this was one of those freak encounters. Frankly, the big take away is when you travel, whether you are visiting a country long term, like we do when we go to the Bahamas by boat, or you are visiting short term, there are things you don’t do. Case in point, the Bahamas tend to be a very conservative country, and so while it’s cool to wear your swimsuit in public, and bare your shoulders, wear short shorts, and such, it’s just not ok to “bare it all” for the world to see. Not only do we as visitors not want to see it, but it offends the locals. There is an interesting end to this story – and it does involve local police 🙂

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