There is something about the Shoals area that seeps deep in your soul and does not let you go. You hear it in the music that comes from the Shoals. I swear it is birthed in the Tenessee River.

  • W.C. Handy, known as the Father of the Blues, was born in Florence in 1873 in a humble two-room cabin. The museum features a large collection of W.C. Handy memorabilia. In 1909 Handy and his band moved to Memphis, Tennessee where they played in various clubs on Beale Street. One of Handy’s iconic songs was “Mr. Crump’s Blues”, written by Handy for Edward Crump as a campaign song. Handy later rewrote the song and renamed it “The Memphis Blues” in 1912.


Shea the Few performing on Backbeat Mojo Tour, Memphis, TN