Romantic Staycation Planning Tips For An Anniversary

by | Dec 1, 2020

How to Be a Tourist at Home Planning A Romantic Staycation

Staycations are a great way to see your city through fresh eyes. During this time it is especially important that we remain safe, which probably means less travel. However, for those who really miss traveling a staycation is a perfect way to satisfy your adventure bug!

A staycation is also a wonderful way to celebrate an anniversary, that perhaps you would have spent traveling abroad. Going on vacation in your own city also cuts down on costs and time spent traveling to your ultimate destination. It’s easy to be a tourist at home, here we share some tips on how to plan the perfect romantic staycation.

Tips For Planning A Romantic Staycation

Design Your Own Tour To Incorporate Into Your Staycation

Design yourself a custom tour of your hometown based on your interests. If you enjoy several varieties of coffee, check out some new coffeehouses in your area. If it’s local food you are after, stop by a local farmer’s market.

High angle shot of a modern coffee shop in which there are baristas making coffees behind the counter, customers waiting at the counter, and other customers sitting at a table and talking. Visit local coffeeshops during your romantic staycation

Is there a restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to but never tried, visit it! No matter what your interests are, creating a tour of your hometown based on them. Incorporating stops into your staycation that are centered around you and your partner’s interests will make your romantic home vacation even more special.

Tour Local Landmarks During Your Staycation

Whatever your town’s local landmarks are, schedule a tour of them. Whether it’s a beautiful park, gorgeous fountain or a notable boardwalk, spend a few days exploring and learning more about them.

Beautiful Spring Park where you can walk and explore during your staycation at home

A park is a picturesque place to have romantic picnic. Plan out a few different stops on your tour and have a special activity to do at each. Take photos in front of these landmarks so you can not only have the memories, but the photographic proof of your weekend as a tourist!

Relaxing in a Hotel Is A Must For A Staycation

Sure, you could stay at home, but staying in a hotel will make you feel more like a tourist. Stay somewhere that is in a totally different area than where you live. If you reside in the city, head to the suburbs to add a little variety to your experience. If you live in the country, head into the city and stay at nice hotel.

Hotels offer the opportunity for you and your loved one to feel pampered and relaxed. Its easy to pretend you are on a fancy vacation when you stay overnight in a luxury hotel. It is also a great way to indulge in some activities that you wouldn’t normal do, like getting spa treatments! Nothing says “Happy Anniversary” like a couples massage! Spending the night away from home, exploring your surroundings is a great way to spice up your hometown tourist experience.

Explore Local Museums

Most large cities and towns have a variety of different collections. From science museums to art museums there are usually a variety of different museums to choose from, most also offer free admission during certain times of the year.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan, visit local museums for your romantic staycation to celebrate an anniversary

Choose a museum that fits your style. This could be modern art, a science museum, or a natural history museum, for example. Or, look in your local newspaper to see if there are any new temporary art exhibits for the weekend! Often times new exhibits come with snacks and drinks which can make the experience even more special. This can be a great way to spice up your staycation.

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Take a Different Mode of Transportation

When it comes to truly becoming a tourist and making the most out of your romantic staycation, taking transportation other than your car is important. Whether you take a subway, a train, a bus or even an Uber, there are several ways to explore your very own city without driving your car.

the inside of a subway car with a yellow seat, perfect for transportation for a romantic staycation

This is a great way to talk to other people you encounter and learn more about your city. It can also feel more luxurious and romantic during an anniversary trip when you don’t need to worry about driving or directions. If you want to feel very fancy, you can surprise your partner with a limo ride for the day! Stock the car bar with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries for extra romance.

Utilize Local Promotions To Save Money

There are several different offers and promotions that many cities offer to their own residents. These can be helpful when it comes to exploring your own hometown. Promotions often include discounts on activities like jet skiing, wine tasting, or hotel stays.

a picture of a card with the word promo on it.

Apps like Groupon can help you find local deals in your area with really great discounts. It is also a good way to discover what is going on in your area! Whether you are searching in a newspaper or on a an app, you can find many discounts and savings that make being on a staycation cheaper and more possible for those who don’t have a large budget.

Travel Back in Time for Your Romantic Staycation

Do some research of your city or town and learn more about its history. Downtown areas are often little pieces of history you didn’t know were there. For example, bars around town may come with stories from long ago that makes visiting them a little more exciting.

A photo of a typical small town main street in the United States of America. Features old brick buildings with specialty shops and restaurants. Decorated with autumn decor. An idea for a staycation

Research where important events took place, find local areas that have been totally changed and do a walk around of those areas. Take lots of pictures and compare them to what once was. Learning the rich history of your location is a great way to become a tourist at home and invigorate a staycation.

There are several ways to be a tourist at home and participate in an exciting travel experience without having to break the bank. Learning more about the place you live is an amazing way to take a much-needed vacation without having take too much time off work or even spend a lot on airfare.


Have you ever planned a romantic staycation in your city? What are your tips and tricks to spice up a staycation? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


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