15 Awesome Gifts For Coffee Addicts This Holiday Season

by | Dec 2, 2020

Gifts for coffee addicts are some of the most sought after items. Chances are you have tons of people in your family or friend group who adore coffee. You may be thinking, what could I possibly get them that they don’t already have?

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! There are plenty of amazing coffee-inspired gifts to choose from. If you’re searching for the perfect gift for the coffee addict in your life, you need to check out this huge list of awesome gift ideas!

The Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Death Wish Coffee

Serious coffee addicts will love this strong brew! Touted as the “world’s strongest coffee” Death Wish Coffee has double the caffeine of average coffee. And to top it off, the beans are fair trade, USDA certified organic, and kosher.

Coffee Brewer Gifts

Ninja Coffee System

Do you know a coffee lover who wants café-quality coffee at home? This Ninja Coffee System is perfect for them! With this maker, you can have it all. Can’t decide if you want hot or cold? Make both! This coffee maker has 5 different brewing settings and 6 different coffee sizes. You can choose from classic, rich, over ice, cold brew, or specialty coffee styles and travel size to a whole carafe of coffee. With its multiple functions and options, this is truly a great gift for coffee addicts.

Cold Brew Kit

Cold brew coffee is a delicious alternative to a traditional brew. But it can be difficult to make at home – unless they have this handy Cold Brew Coffee Maker. Just fill the container with your coffee grounds and top with water. Then set it in the fridge and forget it! Come back later to find perfect cold brew coffee that is never bitter. A great gift for a coffee addict!

AeroPress Coffee Maker

Give your coffee lover a chance to take their brewing up a notch with an AeroPress Coffee maker. With this handy brewer, they can brew an espresso shot in less than a minute! And the taste of the coffee brewed with this simple coffee maker is much richer and smoother than traditional brewing methods. But the best part about this brewer is its size. Its compact design makes it a great gift for a coffee lover who’s on the go or has little space in their kitchen.

French Press

There’s a reason this brewing method has been popular for more than 100 years. The coffee made in a French press is outstanding! This French press makes eight 4 ounce cups of coffee in just 4 minutes! In our opinion, Bodum products are are some of the best coffee products out there. If your favorite coffee lover doesn’t have one, this should be your go-to gift this holiday season.

Travel French Press

Do you have a loved one who loves French press coffee and traveling? Then this is the gift for you! This portable French Press coffee maker allows you to brew your coffee in a vacuum insulated stainless steel travel mug. It comes with a plunger that fits snugly into the mug which has a fine mesh sieve that easily strains the coffee grounds. A perfect cup of French press is brewed in 3 minutes. An ideal gift for coffee lovers on the go, whether they’re heading to a hotel or a campsite!

Coffee Accessory Gifts for Coffee Addicts

Water Filter Pitcher

The best coffee starts with the purest water possible. Make sure your coffee lover always has clean water on hand to start their mornings right with this handy water filter pitcher. This water pitcher filter makes sure you water has zero taste and therefore the purest coffee flavor!

Coffee Bean Roaster

Coffee addicts are often serious about their beans. Give your loved one a chance to roast their own coffee beans with a countertop coffee bean roaster. This coffee bean roaster is the ultimate on the market. It has to ability to roast up to 900 grams of beans and comes with a clear glass cover so you can watch the magic of bean roasting. They’ll be making their own blends in no time with this fun appliance!

Coffee Bean Grinder

After roasting their own beans, they’ll need a way to prepare them for brewing. A heavy-duty coffee bean grinder is perfect gift for coffee addicts who prefer to brew their own delicious coffee each morning. This coffee been grinder can hold grinds for up to 32 cups of coffee. This is especially handy if you gift recipient has large family or entertains often. It also comes with a scoop and a cleaner. Grab this one for the holidays today!

Coffee Mug Gifts For Coffee Addicts

Yeti Travel Mug

Make sure your coffee lover always has hot coffee on hand with this Yeti travel mug. This travel mug is BPA free and dishwasher safe, as well as being insulted from top to bottom. This amazing tumbler will keep their coffee warm for hours, ensuring they’ll never take a sip of cold coffee again!

Desktop Coffee Mug Warmer

If your coffee lover would rather drink their favorite drink out of a traditional mug, there is another great option for keeping their coffee warm – a desktop coffee mug warmer. This cool smart device is a small coaster with a heating plate on top, ensuring your loved one’s coffee stays warm on their desk as they work. It can also heat cold drinks up to 149 degrees. This coffee themed gift is a must have!

Motivational Coffee Mug

When all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a cute coffee mug for your coffee loving friend. This motivational coffee mug is dishwasher and microwave safe and the design is printed on both sides of the cup. This mug is guaranteed to give its coffee lover some support and motivation each morning.

Unique Gifts For Coffee Addicts

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Chocolate Espresso Beans

While drinking coffee is the most popular way to consume this delicious beverage, there are a variety of other ways to enjoy coffee flavors. These yummy chocolate espresso beans combines the delicious flavors espresso beans and chocolate. This gorgeous gift bag comes with a mixture of white, milk, and dark chocolate, which guarantees it will please a variety of different coffee and chocolate lovers. This is the perfect coffee snack for those truly committed to coffee.

Coffee Body Scrub

In addition to perking you up in the morning, coffee is also great for enhancing your skin. That’s why this coffee body scrub makes the perfect self-care gift for any coffee lover on your holiday shopping list. Its a scrub for both your face and body that moisturizes and exfoliates. This scrub is also infused with collagen to boost skin enhancing properties.

Barrel Aged Coffee Set

Looking for a unique coffee gift idea? Why not give them a new coffee to sample? This set of 3 packs of barrel-aged coffee, which are Columbian coffee beans that have been aged in rum barrels. What a way to kick up the flavor profile! This gift is sure to hit the spot for that adventurous coffee lover on your list.

We love these gifts for coffee addicts! There’s something for everyone! Theses gifts are even good for those who are just starting their coffee journey.


Which of these gifts will you be giving this year (or gifting to yourself)? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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