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  1. I’m not a tea drinker, but looks like lots of fun. I’d love to see the duck parade there.

    1. They are so cute, Robin! And it is an extraordinary hotel!

  2. Hi Betsi

    I wish I had joined you. Sounds like fun and delicious.


  3. Wow, Betsi! It all sounds so civilized. Just what we need as a sanctuary from this uncivilized world. Thank you for reminding us that these kinds of delights still exist. I’m going to treat myself the first chance I ge.

    1. Hi Penny! I have done teas before, but it has been a long time since doing one like the Peabody. It is abosolutely something that I recommend doing at least once in your life!

  4. Afternoon tea is EVERYTHING! So glad you enjoyed.
    We loved meeting you at Bloghouse Memphis and hope to hear from you again soon!
    ~Jenny, Mediavine Marketing Associate

    1. Hi Jenny! Yes it is! I really enjoyed meeting you and Rose at Bloghouse Memphis. I am diligently working on implementing the suggestions from Bloghouse Memphis – my new website is almost ready, and my sessions and pageview are steadily rising! Thanks so much for everything!

    1. You will love it! It was such a fantastic experience! But girl you are going to be in ENGLAND! Do tea there!

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