Going on the Trip of a Lifetime

by | Feb 10, 2017

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Going on the trip of a lifetime? 

If you’re heading off on a big adventure, you should be pretty excited. And rightly so. Travelling the world is an amazing opportunity and loads of experiences await you.

But before you head to the airport, you’ve got to pack your bag – one of the most boring tasks. To make sure you have a smooth trip, we’ve gathered some of the must-have travel essentials you should pack. Check them out:

A smartphone

Going on a trip of a lifetime? Don't forget your smartphone

Although you probably won’t forget it, first up we’ve got your smartphone. It’s a must-have because you can use it for pretty much anything – a map, a guidebook, a torch, a camera and more. More than anything, though, it’s your connection to family and friends at home. With a smartphone, you can easily capture all the best moments and share them with your loved ones.

Your passport and all travel documents

Going on a trip of a lifetime? Don't forget your passport

Before you leave, you’ll probably check you’ve got your passport handy many times. But have you got all your visas sorted and all necessary documents within easy reach? Double check.

First aid kit 

It doesn’t need to be a huge supply, but consider packing essentials like painkillers, cold and flu medication, Imodium, plasters, and antiseptic cream. They’ll cover you for minor illnesses and accidents and help you get back out exploring in no time.

Clothing to mix and match 

It might be tempting to pack your favourite top, but does it go with all the shorts, trousers or skirts you’ve packed? When packing for a big adventure, you’ve got to think practically. All the clothes you choose to take should match with at least three other things, so you can get optimal wear out of them. Oh, and don’t forget a waterproof and large scarf – both are useful in many occasions.

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Flip flops

Going on a trip of a lifetime? Pack your flip flops and beach necessities

While we’re talking about your travelling wardrobe, it’s worth mentioning flip flops. They’re an essential, simply because they’re so easy to put on with any outfit and walk to the pool or the local town. You’ll get plenty of wear out of a pair of flip flops – and they don’t even take up much room in your bag.

A good book

Going on a trip of a lifetime? Don't forget to pack a good book

A trip of a lifetime isn’t all about action-packed adventure. There’ll be plenty of down time too, as well as long journeys. Keep yourself amused by packing a good book to read for those quiet times.


What do you always make sure you pack? Share your must-haves with us.


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