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  1. Lori Rusert says:

    Great information, I’m in charge of planning an Alaskan trip for 8 of us friends in 2022. My biggest concern is lodging for a group and the best way to travel through Alaska, any suggestions?

    1. Kurt Jacobson says:

      I’d recommend flying to Anchorage and renting two vehicles for the drive to Homer, and Seward. You’ll see lots of SW Central Alaska on the way. If you have a couple of weeks, stay o few days near Soldotna or Kenai, then head to Homer. In Homer take the Danny J water taxi to Halibut Cove for a day. For a great place to spend 2-3 days, try Between Beaches Cabins on McDonald Spit near Seldovia( where you can kayak, go clamming, explore tide pools, hike the rainforest, etc. On your way back to Anchorage, stopover in Seward for 2-3 days and be sure and take the day trip to the Kenai Fjords. Kayaking in Seward is lots of fun and you can even have a water taxi (Miller’s Landing) take you out to Fox Island to save on straining your arms if need be.
      Another fun place for reasonably-priced lodging is Summit Lake Lodge( on the way from Anchorage to Homer.
      In Soldotna, check out Aspen Hotel right in town. A bit out of town is Denise Lake Lodge if you want cool cabins on the lake?
      If you go in early June or mid-August, rates for lodging will be less than the mid-June to late July rates.
      It’s best to book your lodging and rental vehicles ahead of time- like 10-12 months.
      I hope this helps you plan a trip of a lifetime.

  2. My boyfriend and I were talking about planning a trip to Alaska. This blog has been very helpful! In your opinion, how much do you think we would need to save for a trip there? And how long of a trip to really get the best out of it?

    Thank you,

    1. Kurt Jacobson says:

      Great questions, thanks for asking! The cost estimate takes into account the big 3 items, airfare, lodging, and car rental. If you’re driving up, then the car rental doesn’t apply but the higher price of gas needs to be considered. If you are flying up, the airport you fly out of has a lot to do with the cost. I pay twice as much to fly to Anchorage from Baltimore than I did when I lived in Denver. I recommend at least two weeks for your first visit. For the two of you, the cost might be as little as $2,000 or $3,000+ for two weeks. Will you be going self-guided the whole trip or will you take charter boats (like Kenai Fjords Tours), flightseeing, etc? If you let me know what airport you’re flying out of and duration I can get a better estimate. Time of year makes a big difference in cost, with June and September costing less. Consider doing an internship for a week or two and you’ll save gobs of money and really get to know the real Alaska. I know of two great places on the Kenai Peninsula that take interns. If that’s a possibility I’m happy to share that info.

      1. Stephanie Hall says:

        I saw your comment about an internship. Could you share that info with me?

      2. Kurt Jacobson says:

        Hi Stephanie,
        If you Google “Alaska Internship” several websites will come up. there are a variety of internships with lodges, government agencies, and more. I stayed at Ridgewood Wilderness Lodge and was impressed with their internship. Contact them at for more info. I also stayed at Between Beaches Cabins that has internships available and you can contact Kristi at for more info. Good luck!

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