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  1. Please correct the spelling of Dahlonega, GA. Your text reads: ” Dalongha, Georgia” which is not quite correct.

    Also, Barrington Hall was in the family until 2003 (not 1995) when the adopted daughter (Miss Lois) of Miss Katherine (great-granddaugher of Barrington King) passed away. It was then purchased by a private owner (Sarah Winner and her husband) who restored the house, later sold it to the city. The house opened to the public in fall 2005.

    1. Hi Sue, thanks for catching the spelling of Dahlonega ~ I am sure it was auto correct, and I didn’t catch it on the first go round. Thanks for the correction on the date of ownership – since there are multiple dates in my research, I have removed the date in question. Thanks so much!

  2. emily bennett says:

    check date in old mill park paragraph should be 1830s not 1930s

    1. Thanks Emily – typo! I have changed the date, and you are correct – it should be 1830s!

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