Author: Betsi Hill

Betsi Hill is an accomplished travel journalist, blogger, and influencer, recognized for her extensive experience in exploring diverse cultures and destinations. Her journeys have taken her around the globe, with a keen focus on Florida and the US East Coast. Betsi's travel insights offer readers a rich, in-depth perspective of various locales, immersing them in the unique cultures and traditions she encounters. Her passion for travel and storytelling is evident in her descriptive and captivating content. Betsi is equally skilled in the realms of finances and home entertaining. With a background in finance and accounting, Betsi has honed her financial acumen, allowing her and Jim to commit to living a debt-free lifestyle, making her a source of inspiration and guidance for others seeking to live a debt-free life. Her expertise in entertaining was honed by hosting gatherings and parties for Jim’s business associates as well as friends and family. Today she can seamlessly and easily host neighborhood parties, and help others in planning their events. Betsi skillfully and artfully combines all of these facets of her life to offer valuable advice and insights on achieving a balanced and enriching lifestyle, blending her love for travel and entertaining with practical financial wisdom.