We are addicted to travel – so much so that Travel is a LIFESAVER for us!


No matter the destination, we love to explore! Come along with us as we take you on a whirlwind exploration to discover our favorite destinations in the USA,  the Bahamas and Caribbean, Canada, and beyond.



No matter where you roam and wander, travel is a LIFE SAVER!

No matter where you roam and wander, travel is a LIFE SAVER!



We love finding the hidden treasures of a destination. We are seekers of cuisine,culture, and history who enjoy nothing more than getting to know the locals wherever we may find ourselves. Immersing ourselves in the fabric of a locale gives us a unique perspective, because we are not just seeing places, but we are experiencing destinations. Our mode of travel may vary – by plane, train, automobile or boat – but our objective remains the same: to uncover the history of a destination, to experience the culture, inhale the smells; to immerse ourselves in the community, and discover delicious foods along the way. We want to share our world travels with you, to entice you to explore beyond your backyard, and discover that Travel is a LIFESAVER.




Whether you are traveling through the USA,  the Bahamas and Caribbean, Canada, or beyond, Betsi's World is your travel resource.








Do you have a favorite go-to destination? Maybe a favorite city that you enjoy visiting for a long weekend getaway that excites you? A destination that is a must do on your bucket list that you want to share with others? Share it with us! We'd love to hear from you and to share your story with our readers. We'd love you to contact us and tell us all about your travel experiences!