Romantic Getaway to These Caribbean Hot Spots

Caribbean Hot Spots

Sun-drenched days spent laying on glistening white sand beaches followed by hot nights filled with the soul-thumping music the Caribbean is known for…this is romance in the Caribbean. But there is so much more to a romantic Caribbean vacation.

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Why Choose the Caribbean

t, it is a short flight to reach most of the Caribbean. We’ve found that we love Jamaica, Barbados, and of course, the Bahamas. From Florida, the average flight time to reach Jamaica and Barbados is about 2 to 2 1/2 hours. For the Bahamas, it’s a quick 45-minute flight to Nassau, and to the out islands, it’s about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Is the Caribbean Dangerous

We suggest that travelers be aware of their surroundings no matter where they travel. If you travel to Europe, you may have to deal with pickpockets. The same is true in the Caribbean. Don’t put yourself in a place where something could happen to you. Don’t leave your drinks unattended at your table or at the bar. Don’t walk down dark alleys at night. Put your valuable documents in your hotel safe. Choose a well-known hotel or resort.

It’s just common sense to be aware of your surroundings no matter where you travel these days.

Resort, Hotel, or a Vacation Rental

We tend to choose a resort when we don’t travel to the Caribbean onboard Saltwater Gypsea, our tiny house on the water. We like the amenties of the resort, the all-inclusive nature of the resort, and the multiple dining choices. There are also lots of activities – water sports, snorkeling and dive trips, sailing, and more. The beaches these resorts are perched on are some of the most beautiful the Caribbean has to offer.

If you are not a fan of resorts, then we’d suggest either a hotel or a vacation rental home. But again, you need to make sure it is a good section of the area, and you need to be careful when heading out to eat, or touring.

Colorful fish on a reef in the ocean

Top Choices for a Romantic Caribbean Getaway

Our Top Choice for a Caribbean getaway is the out islands of the Bahamas. Eluthera and the Exumas are both excellent choices, and offer so much! Harbor Island, just off the coast of Eluthera is fast becoming a top choice for a Bahamian getaway. With a myriad of resorts, hotels, and restaurants you’ll get a true taste of the Bahamas, and experience some of the most beautiful pink sand beaches in the world.

The Exumas is a divers paradise! With over 365 cays you’ll have plenty to choose from! Swim with baby sharks, stingrays, and pigs … yes, the famous swimming pigs of Exuma. But the beaches! These are truly the best beaches in the Caribbean. And a stay at Sandals Emerald Bay is our top choice for the Exumas. Sandals does romance better than almost any resort we’ve stayed in. The attentive staff always pulls out the stops when it comes to romance. We’ve had balcony bubble baths, a picnic lunch for two on a quiet deserted stretch of beach, or in a tiny garden hideaway, chilled prosecco and appetizers on the beach, and more.

Caribbean Travel Hotspots

Travel to the Caribbean is a short flight from the US, and is very affordable. Our top choices for Caribbean travel are Jamaica, Barbados, Mexico, and of course, the Bahamas.

What are you waiting for? Choose your island getaway and GO!

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