Welcome to Betsi’s World! We’re Betsi & Jim, sending you warm wishes from Fort Pierce, Florida.

We LOVE to travel …. In luxury! We’ve taken 2-week cruises across the Atlantic to England in a balcony stateroom; stayed in a 2-story suite on the beach at an exclusive all-inclusive resort; stayed at old sugar plantation on Kauai. We’ve taken a seaplane to the Dry Tortugas for an unforgettable snorkeling adventure; taken a SNUBA tour in Jamaica; and explored primeval forests in Washington State. But we have a secret …. our luxury travel style doesn’t break the bank. 

We’ve been married 30 years, and when we first got married we lived on a shoestring budget because we refused to go into debt. We saved our money and did not buy new cars, or big houses. We bought what we could afford. And we could not afford luxury vacations.

Our vacations were spent with family. Weekends were spent on our fixer-upper project sailboat. We scrimped and saved; bought our clothes at second-hand stores – and yes, I was a fashion diva who could mix expensive clothes with less expensive finds and look like a fashion plate.

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We took our first real vacation when we’d been married for about ten years. We wanted to take a cruise, so I hunted and searched for weeks finding the best possible deal. We took that first cruise vacation in an interior stateroom, for ten days, and it only cost us $1,500!

We were able to escape the daily rat race, and spend time away with just each other. It was heavenly! We held hands, walked on deck daily, laughed, explored different towns throughout the Caribbean, and rediscovered each other. That trip? It was our Life Saver! 

Today, we’ve sold our business, and retired, and bought a home on Florida’s Treasure Coast. We take boat journeys to the Florida Keys and the Bahamas onboard Saltwater Gypsea, frequent vacation getaways, an annual “dream trip”, and eat out 1 to 2 times weekly. But I still remember that first vacation – and the magic that we felt, and what a lifesaver it was for us.


We created Betsi’s World as a platform to share our passions – boating adventures, food, and travel. Over time Betsi’s World has evolved into a collection of articles that provide tips on luxury travel getaways on a budget, boating tips and journeys, and lifestyle articles that encompass our favorite recipes, and more.

We’re also freelance writers and photographers for multiple print and digital magazines, and have appeared in more than 80 digital and online publications, podcasts, and radio shows. On our social media channels, where I share our latest stories, we’ve created a community where readers can share ideas and more.


Our adventures have included taking a high-speed airboat adventure in on the Treasure Coast with Captain Bob’s Airboat Adventures

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime as you take an airboat adventure on Florida's Treasure Coast with Captain Bob's Airboat Adventure Tours! www.betsiworld.com/high-speed-airboat-adventure-treasure-coast-fl
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Boat journeys through the Bahamas and the Florida Keys for weeks at a time onboard Saltwater Gypsea

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Hi everyone! I’m Zach, and I’m a 10-year-old Maltese. My role is to supervise my parents (aka, Betsi & Jim) while they are on their boating adventures. I can be found taking the helm of Saltwater Gypsea whenever I can on our travels.

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